The Story Factory is a super-fun series of storytelling workshops designed to teach children vital social skills by learning how to craft and tell a story. 

These concept-driven courses use the expressive arts to provide children with a creative outlet for communicating profound ideas when words may not be enough in an environment to actively explore creativity. 

Story Factory Workshops are offered through enrichment programs at elementary schools and private functions only. 


Use Your Noodle!   

Forget pencils! Forget paper! Students combine crafts and creativity with food, newspapers, magazines, tape, and other items to string together imaginative stories using a new medium every week. How do you make a story out of bananas? Use your noodle!  Grades: K-3


The Blue Train Detective Agency

Everyone is a detective at The Blue Train Detective Agency. Each week is a stand-alone adventure designed to help young detectives unravel a super-sleuthy crime! Our investigations cover all types of mysteries: Spy-vs-spy espionage, secret agent missions, and a thousand disguises. Grades: 3-5

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The Storyteller's Table

This dynamic workshop outlines the basic components needed to craft a story, then inspires young storytellers to rely on their wit + imagination. Stories are performed at the mic while exploring other ways to tell stories using alternate forms of digital media, projections, and show+tell artifacts.  Grades: 3-5