The Story Exchange
Team Building

The Story Exchange Workshop is a unique team building experience designed to create lasting unity between colleagues using a modern approach to storytelling. 

Our workshops are fun and fast-paced as we challenge participates to literally exchange stories with each other to reveal previously hidden insights. The results build lasting connections between people to support a more enjoyable work environment, streamlined communication, and focused productivity. 

Listening + Feedback

Listening and feedback skills are essential to the program. Participants work to improve their business-critical listening skills, along with effective ways to streamline communications to make a lasting impression. 

Our work has also been successful in strengthening social confidence, interpersonal communications, emotional intelligence, and personal, professional development.


We recommend a two-hour session once per week for a minimum of six (6) weeks. Workshops culminate with a final presentation along with audio files posted privately to your password-protected Storyline Storybook.